Day 366 – Thankful for My Thirties

27 Sep

Today I’m thankful for my thirties.

When I woke up and said good morning to Becky this morning her response was “are you ready for the last day of your thirties?”  Not gonna lie, that drilled me right between the eyes.  Seriously?  I know I’ve been counting down and all, but for reals?  This is the last day of thirty?  You gotta be baggin’ me!

Yup, it’s true.  No more “3” in front of any numbers for my age ever again.  After tonight everything starts with a “4” which I guess is pretty cool seeing I know a pretty awesome #4 who’s still my all time fav.

Thirty is done…  When did that happen?  I really have to say that the last 3,653 days have flown by in a flash.  My dad always told me about how time continues to speed up as you get older, the same as his dad used to tell him.  Now I am starting to understand.  As I started to think back at all of the things that have happened in the past decade it blows my mind that all of them could have happened.

This blog was going to be a list of all of the things that I’ve done or that have happened since I’ve turned 30.  Jumping into our old photos I immediately got caught up in all of the memories and realized that a decade is way too much to try to list in a post.  At the heart of it all I would summarize my thirties as the decade in which I started to dream big again.  When I look back it started with solo trip up to the UP to figure out what I really wanted out of life.  I was struggling with where I was what I had accomplished, and who I was. While sitting on the shore of Lake Superior I wrote out a list of my dreams.  I wrote out things that I wanted to work on and get better at.  Shortly after that I started exercising again.  Sometime after that I decided to run a marathon.  Completing that helped me see that I really could do anything that I wanted to, and the rest of my thirties were spend living out those dreams.   I didn’t get everything done that I would’ve liked and there were many failures along the way, but I’m pretty satisfied with what’s gone on this decade of my life.  Not to mention all of the things that I saw on all of my trips with Becky and the boys!

Funny how an arbitrary number can make a person stop and think so deeply about what they’ve done, failed to do, or have done incorrectly.  Like I explained a few days ago, it’s crazy how I usually feel significantly younger than my age.  I swear, I’m stuck in a pretty awesome loop of being eternally 25…  Except for how long it takes me to recover from anything…


Ever notice how similar sunsets are to sunrises?  If you don’t pay attention to the direction or time they could be either.  I look at today as a little of both.  The sunset of my thirties and the sunrise of my forties.

So while I don’t feel like I’m even thirty it is time to say goodbye to the sunset of the thirties and ride off (or paddle off as the picture may be) into the sunrise of the forties.  I can only hope that they will be as filled with awesomeness, love, passion, excitement, energy, happiness, and life as the thirties were.


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