Day 364 – Thankful for Woodworking and Creating

26 Sep

Today I am thankful for woodworking and creating.

My career is very rewarding for many reasons and I thoroughly enjoy it.  That being said, sometimes there is this feeling that I am reacting to things, or making something that is there but not really.  When I help provide a staffing strategy or coaching it is pretty awesome, but because it isn’t tangible I sometimes get this feeling that I haven’t created anything.  I feel the urge to roll up my sleeves and create something physical to get that fix of making something out of raw resources.  That feeling has been growing stronger and stronger lately so today I started to let it flow.

I love playing strategy games, and one of my absolute favorites is a collectible card game called Magic.  Yes, I know, I’m a total geek!  I’ve come to grips with it and have accepted it.  There’s something fun about having to think through a game like chess where you’re thinking ahead many moves, a game like poker in which you need to know and play the odds, and a game that is very much focused on economics and efficient resource utilization.  I’ve got a nice little collection of decks to play with and decided I needed a great way to be able to transport them so we could play games whenever the spirit moves us.

Gavin’s cub scout den has already started meeting and I need to find a woodworking project for them to work on.  Something that’s not too complex, but also challenging and safe.  I like to have everything pre-cut and drilled for hem so they can focus on the assembly of it.  I also like to add a few random mechanical doodads to make them think.  It needs to be cost effective, something they’ll use, and something that is easily replicable (unlike the cryptex’s from last year – awesome, but that was a little too intense!).  They also pretty much all collect pokemon cards…

Put that all together and I went on a search for something I could build in a day (at least the beta version).  I found some pretty cool boxes that someone was selling on Etsy and thought they looked pretty sweet.  After looking over the pictures I reverse engineered them to see how they were built and made my own plans to build them.  Dominic and I ran to Menards for supplies (and the stuff we needed for his Nerf gun rack), and I went to wkr as soon as we got home.

It was awesome!  It wasn’t perfect and I ran into roadblocks, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  I had to think through some interesting things I hadn’t thought all the way through.  There were a few new things to try that I had never done before.  All in all, I had a great time just creating with my hands.

And that’s why I am thankful for woodworking today.  To be able to start with nothing but and idea, grab some resources, and then create something seemingly out of the aether feels fantastic!  The project was relatively small and basic but so much fun nonetheless.  It was the music for my soul that I needed to listen to.  Start a project, work it from start to finish.  It felt great!


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