Day 215 – Thankful for the Boys Working Together

24 Sep

Today I am thankful for the boys working together.  Yes, I know, Day 215 should have come sequentially after Day 214 and before Day 216, but somehow I totally skipped numbering a day as Day 215.  This should get me back on track!

Look at the miles on the faces of these two knuckleheads from our post-work Facetime!


The boys are working together to sell as much popcorn for Scouts as they can.  I have to say Scouts because Dominic is helping for Boy Scouts and Gavin is helping the Cub Scouts.  They’ve decided that they want to work together to hit a pretty crazy sales goal so they’ve started off like a ball of fire in selling today.  They hit up teachers and walked the street to talk with neighbors.  Already today they’ve sold $400+ of popcorn (Which means about $280 for scouting)!

It’s fun seeing them find the power of collaboration while working on their sales skills.  They’re both smiling and having fun and are pretty stoked to keep selling.  While it would be very easy to argue and fight with each other they are working as a team incredibly well, both pulling their weight and encouraging each other.  There’s something pretty awesome about watching the two of them kick butt together so well!  Not gonna lie, it also makes me smile that they aren’t afraid to go out and sell.  The lessons that they can learn from this are amazing.  Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud, they amaze me again!

Just a head’s up for our friends and family, be ready, I’m sure they’ll start telemarketing soon 🙂


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