Day 362 – Thankful for Pearl Jam Ten

23 Sep

Today I am thankful for Pearl Jam Ten.

I had an excellent day today filled with a lot of great things to be thankful for including a great and very productive time with one of my teams throughout most of the day.  That being said, one thing really stuck out for me and was then solidified by a flurry of texts.  While driving back home I had a Weezer album on and heard the song “Heart Songs” which is basically Rivers Cuomo singing about the songs that he grew up with and then gets into how the album Nevermind by Nirvana changed his life and set him on a course for being a musician.  I’ve heard the song many times, but this time there was a little light bulb that went off in my head and I immediately switched to a different album…  Ten by Pearl Jam.

What many of you don’t know about that album was how it really did have a huge impact on my life.  Not in the sense that songs changed my philosophy or my look at the world or anything, but in a much greater way.  That album was the hook that got me hanging back out with my old friends, James, Rick, and Garwood.

We’d always been friends, but for quite a while I had kind of gone my own way and wasn’t very happy.  I still remember going to Rick’s house for some reason to hang out with the guys out of the blue and they fired up a bootlegged cassette copy in the boombox (yup, it was that long ago!).  The music absolutely blew my mind, it was AWESOME!  Then the even cooler thing happened, we talked more about it, listened to it a few times, I borrowed it, made my own copy (don’t worry, I’ve bought a couple of copies since for real’s to make up for it!), and then started hanging out with those guys more.  Next thing you know we were chillin’ constantly and loving life…  and D&D…  but that’s a whole different story! 🙂


Seriously, can you believe the hair that we all used to have?  Wow!!!

So I fired up Ten on the drive home and absolutely jammed out.  Usually I listen to an audiobook or even enjoy the silence and think about work, but today there was none of that once the opening chords of “Once” started up.  I was in full on singing as loud as I can, veins in my forehead popping, losing my voice and completely lost in a sea of waves of crashing music and memories of hanging out with my brothers.  It was amazing!!!  *Sidenote:  How the hell is it that I can remember the lyrics to all of those songs from years ago but I struggle to remember to do very simple things on a daily basis???

Tonight I am thankful for Ten by Pearl Jam for getting my happiness back on track a long time ago, for bringing me closer to some of my best friends, and helping me de-compress and relive the glory days while driving.  I still sound as terrible as ever singing, but damn did it feel good!


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