Day 361 – Thankful for Remembering Why…

22 Sep

Today I am thankful for remembering why…

Ah the voice of inspiration, you have a funny sense of humor sometimes, don’t you?  Through the course of the day there’ve been many things to be thankful for, it was a very great day overall.  It was one of those days that I wasn’t quite sure how to pick one thing to be thankful for until it hit me about mid-way through a presentation to some Human Resources students at Winona State University this evening.  The presentation was focused on starting a career and, of course, I de-railed it and went in a slightly different direction.  Before getting into the ways to research new employers and how to stand out amongst your peers I wanted to make sure they all knew the MOST important step… getting to know yourself by focusing on what your dreams are.  It’s in knowing your dreams that you can decide why you are about to get into the type of career you want to get into.  And that’s when the link to all of today’s awesome things kicked in.

Today was a day full of “why’s”!

It started off with my morning run.  It was a morning that I was ready to hang it up and go back to bed.  It was storming, I was tired, Becky wasn’t home, and I just didn’t feel like running.  Fortunately, I had some pretty awesome why’s to kick my lazy butt in gear.  I just got matched with my cute little running buddy, Tessa, through I Run 4 (more on that little cutie tomorrow – the important thing is that she knew I was going to be dedicating my miles to her).  Becky and I have some goals we have to accomplish and I’m not going to hit them by laying around and skipping my miles.  Lastly, I saw this quote last night and it hit me upside the head in a big way…


After that I wasn’t going to be stopped, by treadmill breaking mid-run, nor hard raining storm with lightning.  I got my miles in because I remembered why.

The morning started off with our annual Winona Economic Summit (thanks again for sponsoring it Merchants Bank!).  One of the presenters got into details about what’s going on in the workforce and as he talked I had recruiting and retention ideas swirling in my head.  I was in the zone, in my element, all because I was focused on my why, remembering why I love doing what I do for work.

I had an excellent couple of conversations with team members who had new ideas and thoughts.  There are new things that they’d like to try and I was pumped to give them the green light to rock and roll.  They were living the value of a growth mindset and I remembered why I get so amped up helping my dream try new things.

After hours I headed to Winona State to present to the SHRM group.  I had almost said no to this opportunity.  “I’m too busy”, “I have too much going on”, “there’s too much other stuff” were the words bouncing through my head.  But I paused and remembered my purpose and my why.  In remembering why I do what I was meant to do I found great joy and felt so good in speaking with them tonight.

So it’s only fitting that when I was showing them pictures of my dreams come true and sharing the dreams I have, it hit me right between the eyes what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful for remembering why and living into those whys.


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