Day 359 – Thankful for Hiring a Contractor

20 Sep

Today I’m thankful for hiring a contractor.

I really like doing things myself.  I usually struggle to ask for help and try to do as much on my own as I can.  As I was growing up I saw my parents do a lot of things on their own.  From building houses to doing very cool creative stuff it seems like in my memory they were almost always able to do things on their own instead of asking for help.  In watching them I learned how great it feels to accomplish something on my and to do something without help.  Being able to figure something out on my own feels great!  Seeing a finished project that I’ve done with my own hands is incredible!

That being said, I’m glad that I hired a contractor.  We’re having a lot of stuff done in the backyard including adding a fence, putting in pavers, leveling the yard, and then adding sod.  All of these things are within my ability to do, but I just haven’t been able to find a way to prioritize my time to get them done.  I realized that without help I wouldn’t finish until October…  of 2018.  After a brief conversation with Becky & my dad I was in contact with Gabe from Land Spirit Design in Winona.  Even knowing that it was the right idea I still was kind of sad about not doing it myself and even talked with Gabe about doing a couple of the things myself.  Eventually I relented and realized it was better left to the pros.

When I got home today I just smiled and realized how thankful I am to have made this decision.  This is what I saw when I walked towards our house…


When I left for work this morning there was only a long hole where the pavers now are.  They’re straight, level, and look great!  As I walked in I could only chuckle to myself because I realized several things.  If I was doing this on my own it wouldn’t be done (hell, it probably wouldn’t even be started!).  If I had done this myself there’s no way it would be as level and flush with the concrete as it is.  If I had done this myself it’d probably be shifting and sinking in no time.  If I had done this it would not be even close to straight.  If I had done this I would have spent several weekends on it and probably would have been swearing…  a lot!  He made it look great, and in way less time.

I will still do a lot of things myself, there’s a great feeling of completing that I enjoy.  That being said, I’ll also be more open to hiring out some of the tasks I don’t find as much join in or the tasks that take more time than I am willing to sacrifice at that moment.  Today I’m very thankful to have hired a contractor!


BTW – Gabe has done an awesome job so far, very reasonable cost, great vision for what would look best, and absolutely excellent communication!  Check out Land Spirit Designs Facebook page for more info.

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