Day 357 – Thankful for Kids Who Hustle

17 Sep

Today I am thankful for kids who hustle.

Gavin had a couple of soccer games in La Crosse today and Dominic had a couple in Madison.  It was fun watching Gavin as he was all over the field, rarely staying in one place too long.  He also had a tendency of being completely out of position, but mainly because he was constantly running and moving.  As we got updates from Dominic’s games it sounds like he was also all over the field.  In previous games it has been great seeing the way he hustles up and down the field pretty consistently.



We’re pretty sure this was the only place the coach could put him where he’d stay where he was supposed to! 🙂

While neither of my boys are not the most physically gifted, coordinated, or fastest kids ever I’m very proud of the fact that they hustle and run hard.  Of anything they can do, that is the one thing to me that is the best measure of their success.  If they are constantly hustling, pushing hard, busting their butts, and giving their all, I could care less what the final score or stat line may say…  That makes them winners in my book and I’m proud of how well they do this.


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