Day 356 – Thankful for Time With My Brother From Another Mother (& Bethany)

17 Sep

Today I’m thankful for my brother from another mother (Bethany).

Nope, we’re not in Hawaii tonight, but this was the first pic I could find of the four of us 🙂

Tonight was pretty awesome, it’s not offer to that I get to hang out with my brother from another mother (seriously, people have mistaken us for siblings before!).  Chris and Bethany made the uber long drive from Michigan to La Crosse today.  As with anytime they come to town we made our normal trip to Buzzard Billy’s and had some gumbo and other Cajun goodies.  Afterwards we took the boys to their hotel and had a great time chillin’ in the pool.

There just something awesome about spending time with Chris and Bethany.  While we start off with huge hugs we quickly go right back into talking like we have so many times over the years, just like we’ve hung out at least once a week.  We really don’t spend much time talking work, we’ll talk about other light hearted things like kids, the crazy schedules of our lives, and sports.  Sure there’s an occasional deep conversation, but it’s usually just a light conversation that makes the stress of life melt away.  Nothing is too serious, too stressful, it’s all relaxed and calm.  

We give each other a little shit, quote from the same movies we’ve been quoting from for the past few decades, and still chuckle over the same inside jokes we’ve shared forever.  It’s like time stops, we go back to our 17-19 year old selves and life is just easier.  To me it still feels like we’re the same couple of immature yahoos that drove to see the Violent Femmes at Edgefest with Stacey and “what’s her name” back in 1995.  The same two guys who road tripped to La Crosse to road trip to Milwaukee for an Aerosmith concert (I still remember hearing his brother Mike wake me up by screaming “oh my god we’re going to die!!!”).  The same two guys who used to blast The Offspring while cleaning the cooler of the produce department.  We’re still the same age (mentally) having the same conversations, nothing ever too deep and philosophical, just having fun spending time together.  

There’s a peace and satisfaction that comes from these times hanging out together that just eases my stress.  My shoulders relax regardless of what else may be going on in life, I just enjoy hanging out with my friend.  

Every time he’s here I try to convince him to move closer.  I have to remind myself that some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they’re gone. I guess I just miss my friend.  

Knowing that the times that we get to hang out are few and far between does make them all the more precious and help remind me to be very thankful for them.

Thanks again for coming all the way to La Crosse Chris and Bethany, you always have a way of putting a twinkle in my eye and bringing out the teenage version of me!


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