Day 353 – Thankful for Amy Holtz

13 Sep

Today I am thankful for Amy Holtz.

Any time I see my pay go into my checking account, I’m thankful for Amy.  Whenever I have an employee with questions on their benefits, I’m thankful for Amy.  On the 10th of the month when I get my offices’ accounting statements, I’m thankful for Amy.  Every day that I am thinking about our business, I am thankful for Amy.  Today being her birthday is just an added bonus and reminded me again of just how thankful I am for her.


Throughout my years with Express Amy has been one of the constants.  She’s just always there for me, my partners, and my teams.  Her consistency is so incredibly refreshing and exactly what my partners and I need, she balances us all out and keeps us successful.  Amy’s honesty and trustworthiness are the thing of legend.  At no point in my career have I questioned whether or not she was watching out for what was best for me and my family. She’s also never afraid to call things like she sees them.  If she thinks that something is out of line or off she let’s me know, and in a very professional and respectful way.  Even when I make a mistake or forget about a deadline until it’s almost too late she figures out a way to make things work out, without ever giving me a hard time.  Did I mention that if you ever asked me who the hardest working person within Express is I would snap call Amy without a second of hesitation?  Amy has been one of the best business partners I could ever have asked for.

In addition to kicking financial butt for us, Amy’s an incredible mom.  When we get together for our monthly meetings you can see just how important her family is to her.  It is very easy to see just how much she loves Bill and their kids, and we can also see that she does whatever she can to bring smiles to their faces.  She wants the best for them and does what she can to help them be successful.

But you know what I appreciate the most about Amy?  And I know, this may sound a little crazy when you consider that she is a CPA, but she has a huge heart and it’s made of gold.  There is no question that when Amy looks at a situation she thinks of others first.  She does everything she can to take care of them, even if it means she has to sacrifice.  I know that if I ever needed anything, absolutely anything, she would figure out a way to help me get it.  There have been many times when she has pulled me aside to make sure I am taking care of my wife and boys and not burning the candle too hot at both ends.  While sometimes she puts on the tough accountant exterior when it is warranted, she’s only doing it because she wants the best for us.

While any day that I’m working I’m thankful for Amy at some level, today I have to recognize just how grateful I am for her.  This is one of the reasons I initially started writing this blog.  While everyday I’m thankful for her, I’m not vocally thankful and I don’t take enough time to be as thankful for her as she deserves.  She’s one of those steady, consistent, and just always awesome people that we can sometimes take for granted because of just how consistently they keep up their awesomeness.  Amy, thank you for being such an incredible and consistent influence in my life, I appreciate you greatly!


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