Day 352 – Thankful Gavin’s Complete Ignorance of Stress

13 Sep

Today I’m thankful for Gavin’s complete ignorance of stress.

First things first, today was pretty awesome.  Lots of great things including offices having great news, being able to focus on areas that are my strengths, great learning on the job opportunities, new landscaping in the backyard started, and just felt very productive overall.  That being said, it has been one of those crazy, non-stop, thrill ride days too.  Getting back into the swing of things Becky picked up Gavin, got his new glasses, dropped him off at soccer, ran home and picked up Dominic, took him to practice and then went to the grocery store which is where I met up with her.  Power shop and then I headed home to unpack groceries, start our eggs and make stuff for my lunches for the week and Becky headed out to pick up Gavin from soccer.  Once she was home she made her lunch for tomorrow, I finished up some of my stuff, and then we were off to pick up Dominic from practice, grabbed supper from a restaurant as a fundraiser for soccer, and sat down to eat as a family…  at 8:07pm.  Did I mention that Becky had to run to work after supper to get some things ready for tomorrow and I’ll be getting some things done for work after this blog also?  Non-stop…

As we were in the middle of the whirlwind in between practices I heard Gavin randomly singing a song he made up while he was playing with Lego’s.  I looked over and he was just smiling away and having fun creating.  With that as the background the following conversation took place…


Me:  Do you ever get stressed out?

Gavin:  How?

Me:  Do you know what stress is?

Gavin:  Nope.  I don’t feel stretched out…  But you might.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at just how oblivious he was to the concept of stress.  It was also funny, as he and I talked and then I just watched him play I couldn’t help but feel my shoulders relax and the stress of never ending motion faded away.  But only for a second, because then we had to take off to pick up Dominic! 🙂

How cool would it be for Gavin to never learn what stress is?  I know, it’s a total pipe dream and not healthy, but there is something pretty awesome about thinking back to a time when there was always more than enough time and no stress.  Ahh…  I’m very thankful that Gavin gets to be a kid and can be completely ignorant of stress.



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