Day 351 – Thankful for Finding a Way to Fit It All In AND Enjoy It

11 Sep

Today I’m thankful for finding a way to fit it all in AND enjoy it.

There have been many days recently in which I’ve mentioned how busy we are.  Pretty sure this weekend takes the cake.  Run home from work on Friday for Gavin’s birthday party a that is pretty much non-stop until I head off to bed.  Wake up early in Saturday to help manage chaos and pack sleeping bags, pack up and head out to soccer for Gavin (Tomah), leave there and head to Dominic’s game in Madison, watch the game and then head home.  Unwind, type a blog and bed.  Wake up early on Sunday, bang out an 11 mile run with Becky, load up and head out to soccer for Dominic (Madison).  Watch the game, and then wait for the next, which is when I’m typing this.  The game will wrap up about 5:15 and we’ll get home about 8pm tonight.  Did I mention I have a ton of stuff to get done for work before the weekend’s over?  Pure craziness!

Fortunately I have a pretty awesome person to help share in the insanity.  It’s actually worked out pretty well during this crazy weekend.  We’ve been swapping out driving duties so the other can work.  When one of us is getting a little wore out the other helps out with driving or getting other stuff done.  We keep each other smiling the whole time and have been able to cheer each other up when there’s been extra stress.  When one of us doesn’t want to talk, we don’t.  When of us wants to talk, we do.  We even let the kids play at the park for a while as we put all the seats done in the Pilot and took a little nap together this afternoon!

In addition to the teamwork I’ve been able to switch on and off into work mode as I have extra time or while Becky is driving.  Having mobile devices has been a huge help!  I’ve even been able to keep up on my reading while I’m driving thanks to

While all of this is going on I am hearing the voice of Mark Tasler in my head…  “Be present where you need to be present.”  As I keep hearing that phrase in my head I smile and pause, making sure I’m present where I need to be.  Speaking of which, it’s almost game time so I’d better wrap this up!

Yes, it’s been crazy busy, but I’ve been able to fit it all in AND enjoy it… Thanks again for all of the help, resources and advice!


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