Day 349 – Thankful for Chaos… Err… Gavin’s Birthday Party

10 Sep

Today I am thankful for chaos… err… Gavin’s birthday party.

Never in my life have I ached for just a little bit of law, order, structure, consistency and quiet.  I usually live a life in which  my brain is a swirl of ideas and thoughts seemingly at random sometimes, but I have been outdone.  Somehow Becky is handling it better than me!  Even though she’s usually the keeper of structure she’s also a mom and I think that is one of a mom’s super powers.

For Gavin’s birthday we let him have some friends over for a sleepover and birthday party.  It’s just Becky and I against seven boys ages eight and nine.

Okay, not gonna lie, this is a test of my will and discipline.  As I’ve been typing this there have been random very loud invasions of boys hooting and hollering and having a blast!  All I can do is laugh at myself as I grimace like a cranky old man as they interrupt my writing flow.  If there are half finished thoughts in this blog please bear with me. 🙂

So why am I thankful for the chaos?  Because it is pure kid awesomeness!!!  They’re having so much fun it’s incredible!  Nerf gun wars, wrestling, prison breaks, kings and knights, talking random smack with each other, running up the stairs through the house and back down the stairs, talking in voices, sweating profusely, and, most importantly, smiling and laughing constantly.  It reminds me of sleepovers when I was a kid and I’ve been smiling pretty much the whole time (and sometimes can’t stop laughing at some of the stuff these kids are saying – they’re hysterical!!!).

Back to the refereeing, laughing, groaning, and everything but relaxing.


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