Day 347 – Thankful for the Family Tradition of Taking Stuff Apart

08 Sep

Today I’m thankful for the family tradition of taking stuff apart.

There were two computers in one of our offices that were broken.  Based on the feedback from our tech support team they were both toast and not fixable for two very different reasons.  Putting my “I can fix anything” hat on I took them both home with the intent of sacrificing one with a dead motherboard to save the life of the one with the dead power supply.


At home Gavin was quick to jump in and help me start the procedure, removing screws, asking questions, and smiling any time he wasn’t thinking too hard.  After hearing how much fun Gavin and I were having Dominic decided to move into the same room to finish his homework…


Seeing as I had never done this exact thing before I wasn’t sure if it would be a success, but I figured why not try!  Sure enough, Gavin and I were able to successfully transplant the power supply into the other computer to get it up and running.

Feeling good and confident I figured I’d see if I could repair the power supply and salvage it for another computer…  No success there.  It was pretty easy to see what part had literally gone up in flames inside and burned out not only itself, but also a good chunk of a board.

With the dead computer cadaver lying lifeless on the table I used it as an opportunity to show the boys the in’s and  out’s of how a computer works.  Dominic was totally mesmerized by the concept of a graphics card (which he kept as a souvenir) and was also completely in awe of the insanely small circuitry inside.  Gavin was super focused on “the brain” (imagine that being said in the pseudo-creepy Gavin voice) and kept not only the processor, but the entire mother board.  The two of them just kept looking at all of the parts in awe of all of the things that go into a computer.


It was a pretty cool experience!  I was able to fix something using logic and my hands all while opening up a new world of technology to the boys – how awesome is that!  I know I probably pissed my parents off more than a couple of times taking stuff apart as a kid, but I loved it and learned from it.  Decades later I’m encouraging the boys to do the same, all while I save a couple hundred bucks 🙂


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