Day 346 – Thankful for Mother Nature’s Reminders of Who’s In Charge

07 Sep

Today I’m thankful for Mother Nature’s reminders of who’s in charge.

As I was driving home from work I got to see this really awesome dark grey thunderhead float over the bluffs and towards Onalaska.  It only showered on me for a moment, and I was able to soak in it’s incredible size.  Once I got home Becky called to let me know that Dominic had forgotten a shinguard for soccer so I grabbed it and headed out to the field.  As I rolled up to the field there was the cloud, lingering just north of the fields.  Lightning had just struck and all the kids were getting off the field and practice was cancelled.


After bringing Dominic home I couldn’t help myself and went outside to watch the next wave of storm clouds roll through.  First the low lying line of clouds that flew to the south.  Then the darkest clouds heading east.  A huge gust of wind hit me and took out some branches.  As all this was happening I started to watch the wave of clouds after the dark ones and saw the clouds slowly rotating through the sky heading east.  There was no funnel, but between the dropping of barometric pressure, the gusts of wind, and the sheer size and force of the clouds moving above I could tell I was no match for the awesomeness of Mother Nature.

It was similar to the feeling of being in the mountains.  That realization of just how low we really are in the grand scheme of things.  While the mountains are so incredible from their sheer size and ruggedness, storms are amazing to behold in their own right.  The pent up power that you can feel ready to blow, the fury of the winds, the weight of all the rain and hail it is ready to drop without much warning.  Throw in the magnificent streaks of lightning and booming thunder and it’s easy to see we little humans are not even close in scale.

Watching those clouds move and twist and rotate left me in complete awe and wonder.  Not only was Mother Nature bigger than me and getting ready to impose her will, she was flexing and giving us a little show to remind her of just how powerful she is and how she demands our respect.  I was thankful for the reminder tonight, I totally enjoyed the show, and will now fall asleep listening to the beautiful sound of thunder.


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