Day 345 – Thankful for 39YearsOfThanksIn365Days

06 Sep

Today I’m thankful for 39YearsOfThanksIn365Days.  Yep, totally shameless self-promotion on this one!

So tonight I was going to blog about being thankful for perfect timing, or something along those lines.  We were at the Corn Maze today shortly after the sprinkling was done and the sun came out.  It was an excellent time and we made it through a couple of the mazes before the weather started to turn on us.  First the clouds, then the dark clouds, then the really dark clouds, then a little rain, and just as we got to shelter the heavens tore loose, the rain poured, and the lightning started to strike a little close.  As luck would have it we had just wrapped up our trip through one of the mazes and were able to stay relatively dry.  We shopped while it was raining, got home and enjoyed nice weather and spent some time outside.  It worked out pretty awesome!

Everything screamed that I should be thankful for perfect timing…  Even the perfect timing of this picture of Gavin that caught him in his truest form…  A blur heading towards the snack food!

IMG_2250 2

But as I started typing I got this little voice in my head telling me that I’d done that once before.  Struggling with whether or not I did, I fired up a search and found out that I had done a post on a similar topic on Day 69.  As I searched a few more ways to seem if I had explained it slightly differently a pretty awesome thing happened.  Before I knew it, I was in a time machine!

I travelled back through the past year and was able to relive many crazy little moments that I totally might have forgotten, or had forgotten the details to.  In reading past posts I ear marked somethings to go back and reflect on, some that I had learned my lesson on and had made positive changes towards, and others that I seem to be dooming myself to repeating the mistakes of the past.  I chuckled at some of the funny and random posts, had a little awesome almost leak out of my eyes at other posts, and smiled in memory of seemingly almost random moments that had an impact on me and that I’ll have at my fingertips forever.  It was a way for me to go back and relive some of those great moments from the past year.  I was reading the story of my life.

This is not the complete autobiography, but it is a smattering of some pretty awesome and pretty awful moments of my life over the past year.  It’s kind of amazing to me to be able to look back over the past year and see where I’ve been, what I’ve lived, remember what I’ve learned, and, of course, to see all of the things I’ve been grateful for over the past year.  In reading them all again it reminds me of the things that are most important in my life, the things that bring the most joy, the things I should seek out more, and the things that I maybe don’t appreciate as much as I should.  Without this living journal many thoughts might just disappear or be forgotten, but here they are contained for eternity.  I am very thankful for that.


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