Day 344 – Thankful for an Awesome Coach & Cheerleader on a Shitty Run

04 Sep

Today I’m thankful for an awesome coach and cheerleader on a shitty run.  

In preparation for the upcoming half we had a 10 mile run to knock out this morning.  To say that I wasn’t really feeling it after a long run less than a week ago would be an incredible understatement.  It took a little extra motivation and push to get moving this morning.  I wasn’t really feeling up to it, but when Becky was ready I got my butt in gear.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Becky in a cheerleader outfit, but this is close enough, right?

Running the same half we’ll be doing in early October… I might need to pick up some lederhosen!

The first mile actually felt pretty good.  I was loose, limber and feeling pretty decent.  Then I just started to feel like crap.  My legs were heavy and started to tighten.  My breathing was off and I just couldn’t get back into my rhythm.  Heart rate was way out of range and was struggling to stay in the zone when it lowered.  To make it worse, Lulu ran right in front of me as a car went by and I smacked my left middle toe right into her knee.  By the time we got back to the house after the first 5 I was ready to call it a day and try again tomorrow.  This run was sucking bad and I just wanted it to be over.

As normal, Becky cheered me up and got me going.  She did an excellent job of dealing with my tired and pissy attitude.  As we were running she talked when she knew I felt like talking and let me disappear inside myself and listen to a song when I needed to keep running but not actually be there in my head (that sounds weird as I write it, but I’m not really sure how better to explain it.  An author and distance runner I respect greatly once called it “going into the pain cave” and I still have that image in my head).  Becky was supportive and offered up encouragement as I needed it and was humble when that was necessary, sharing how she felt pretty rough too. 

Over the last mile I kept going because I had heard coaching me and pushing me all while being the cheerleader I needed… Which is pretty impressive when I remember that it wasn’t just me running, she was pushing herself pretty hard also.

The run got done, and I’m not going to lie, it was shitty.  Not just the pace, but the entirety of the run…  It flat out sucked.  That being said, I’m so incredibly thankful to have had the best coach and cheerleader running right along with me to make it bearable, and most importantly, doable.  Life is a long run and it’s amazing how far you can go with the right support crew.  I’m thankful to have an awesome one!


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