Day 343 – Thankful for Family Yoga to Start the Day

04 Sep

Today I’m thankful for family yoga to start the day.

This morning we got up, got moving, and hit yoga as a family.  At Dominic’s doc appointment Dr Johnson made the comment that Dominic could use some help with the flexibility of his hip flexors.  We discussed ways to improve it and one of them was yoga – kinda cool that Becky and I like going already anyways!  Becky had a pretty great idea – all four of us could start the day with yoga at Root Down.  

This was the first time Dominic had gone to an actually yoga class and he got to jump right into the hot yoga with Becky and I (Gavin was off with the younger kids in their own class).  It was pretty awesome, it seems like Dominic really enjoyed it.  The rest of us also had a great time and it was kind of cool to start the weekend off with an athletic activity with the whole family.

After heading home it was kind of crazy, both the boys were pretty chill!  I’m not sure if it was the yoga or the snackage 🙂

The yoga session pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.  We got a bunch of stuff done, but nothing too crazy.  I did some repair work on the dryer and only lost my cool once (though I was pretty torqued for about 5 minutes).  

While it’s always fun when Becky and I head out to yoga together, it was pretty awesome to bring the boys with and make it a family affair!


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