Day 340 – Thankful for the Power of Teamwork to Hit a Goal

31 Aug

Today I am thankful for the power of teamwork to hit a goal.

This morning the alarm went off and I was really tired.  My legs and feet were stiff and not wanting to loosen up.  I was still half asleep and not at all motivated to do anything.  All I wanted to do was go back to the nice peaceful dream I was having…  But I didn’t.

Instead I stared myself in the eyes in the mirror for a minute or two (maybe longer, I might have fallen asleep for a second or two), kicked my self in the butt (envisioning Red Forman telling me “When the alarm puts its foot up your ass and tells you to go for a run, you do it and say thank you!”), got my running stuff on and headed out for a dark early morning run.

Becky and I are running the Oktoberfest Half Marathon together this year and I skipped our long run on Saturday due to running the 5k with Dominic.  This meant that she had logged a long run that I hadn’t yet, and I needed to make it up.  Today was the day to get my miles in.  While every ounce of me wanted to go back to bed it was the fear of letting down my teammate that got me moving this morning.

The first couple of miles were rough (I started early while Becky was doing her sit ups), but by the time I met her at the house and headed out for four miles together I was already feeling better.  She finished up her scheduled miles with me and then it was back to solo running for me.  By now it had gone from black starry night (Orion really caught my attention during the first few blocks) to sunrise and I was greeted with this view as I went over the I90 bridge…


Pretty epic way to start he last few miles of my run!

As I continued I got tired, sore, and had a few aches and pains that I wasn’t quite ready for.  When all was said and done I had completed my miles and gotten myself back on track (we’ll see how I’m feeling for this weekend’s slightly longer run!).  It felt great to get this accomplished early in the morning and I was in a great mood.

And that’s when it hit me.  Had I been going for a goal on my own I would have skipped the long run, gone back to sleep for a while, and moved on with my training plan like I have for some of my other solo goals.  In this case I got up and got moving specifically because I didn’t want to let my teammate down.  Our goal is important to both of us and we want to accomplish it together.  Me skipping this run would have jeopardized that.  Crazy to think of how teamwork can help motivate like that!  Maybe I need to find more ways to get my teams involved in goals like this, or more specifically, get myself involved with my teams towards a goal like this…  It certainly seems to be working!



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