Day 339 – Thankful for an Awesome Becky Birthday

30 Aug
Day 339 – Thankful for an Awesome Becky Birthday

Today I’m thankful for an awesome Becky Birthday.

For Becky’s birthday this year we both took the day off of work and have been hanging out with the monkeys.  It’s been a day of doing the things that Becky loves, good thing it’s stuff we all enjoy!

The morning started off with cards and gifts from us (even the dogs were thoughtful enough to get her a card!) and we then headed out for breakfast at Nutbush.

From there we loaded up the girls and headed out to hike Seven Bridges (kind of a misnomer as there are only 6 bridges now).  While the clouds of mosquitoes tried to dampen our spirits the awesomeness of the hike kept us smiling the entire way.  The views were pretty cool and we saw tons of wildlife including fish, baby mudcats, frogs, toads, giant grasshoppers, several turtles and many birds.  Some we could just see, others we caught.  The girls had a blast as the trail was empty and said no leashes were required.  This led to two very happy dogs who were running, swimming, rolling in mud, and smiling all the way!  The hike was pretty sweet, we’re just glad to have brought extra bug spray. 😄

On the 6th and final bridge of the Seven Bridges Trail ( ?)

Dominic’s huge toad

Lulu loving the smells that she is rolling in!

Gavin found a crayfish shell

Gavin and the girls running ahead

Looking at the baby mudcats swimming and eating bugs

After the hike we made a pit stop to see a memorial to one of Becky’s old co-workers and then headed out for her Birthday Coffee at Caribou.  What would a birthday be without two boys fighting and driving each other crazy to the point where dad finally blows his top and hollers at the boys (so Becky doesn’t have to yell on her birthday, that’s just how I roll 😉)…  Which inspired Becky to pull up the video of Red Foreman saying “dumb ass” in many, many ways.  We are all laughing pretty hard at that!

Heidi’s contribution to the Wildlife Refuge at Lake Onalaska

Quick lunch and then off to the boat.  While the boys were playing in the water and I was hanging a prop Becky was able to kick back and chill…  Sometimes reading, sometimes talking with friends on the phone, sometimes just relaxing.  That’s where we are now and will eventually need to head back in to reality to make supper, get Dominic to and from soccer, and have some more family fun time. 

Becky enjoying her book

Enjoying the time on the sandbar

Today’s been a great time, and it’s been so easy to get lost in the family time that I can forget that it’s Becky’s birthday.  As I think about it, today’s a pretty cool metaphor for almost all of the days of our family.  While we’re all out having fun, enjoying new things, getting out into nature, and loving life it’s usually because Becky set most of it up or enabled our ability to do what we’re doing.  Behind the scenes of any of our best family moments you’ll find Becky working her magic, being Super Mom and the best wife & best friend ever.  She sacrifices her moments for all of us to have fun and enjoy life a little more, her smile getting bigger the more fun we’re having.  I feel a little guilty today, it almost feels like we’re having more fun and doing the things we want to, but we are actually doing everything that Becky wanted today…  Not just the activities, but enjoying time together as a family, giggling, laughing, and smiling the whole time.  Happy Birthday Becky!!!


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