Day 338 – Thankful for Healthy Boys (& an Awesome Family Doc)

30 Aug

Today I am thankful for healthy boys (& an awesome family doc).


The boys had an early morning annual check up today at their normal doc (who’s pretty awesome, but more on him later).  Not gonna lie, they were really good sports, especially when Dr Johnson asked if the female student MD could join him for the exam.

The great news is that they are both very healthy, no serious issues.  Gavin may need glasses pretty soon and Dominic might have my flexibility in his hip flexors, but everything else was exactly the way it should be.  Gavin’s smile got HUGE when he found out there were no shots for the day, and Dominic took his shots like a champ.  We (the boys and I) were even able to keep straight faces and not laugh out loud when the doc was telling us all the things that the shots would prevent (yes, I still have the maturity of a 12 year old boy and usually giggle when I hear the terms penis, testicles, and anal).  All in all everything went pretty awesome…  Which leads me to the next point…

Our family doctor is incredibly awesome!  Dr Steven Johnson has been the doc for the boys since they were born.  At every step of the way he has been friendly and very pleasant.  He remembers little things about us even though we only see him once a year or so.  In today’s appointment he cut me off in a very polite way to prevent me from over parenting and gave Dominic the lead in a situation in which he should have the lead and I should shut up.  His explanations of what is going on and why are always spot on.  Best of all, he treats the boys with the love and tenderness that I would imagine he expresses with his own grandkids.  The big smile, firm but friendly handshake, and optimistic positive energy he displays are always trademarks of our meetings with him.  We’re so fortunate to have stumbled onto a great one like him.

As I wrap up tonight it’s amazing to think of how often I take the health of the boys for granted.  Every morning I wake up with the assumption that they are going to be safe and healthy, but rarely am I as thankful as I should be for that fact.  Gavin’s seizure and Dominic’s run in with the shovel remind me that things don’t always go as planned, but we’ve been so lucky with how healthy the boys have been, and for that I am overwhelmingly grateful!


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