Day 337 – Thankful for a Day of Extremes

29 Aug
Day 337 – Thankful for a Day of Extremes

Today was pretty wild in an awesome way!

Last night was Dominic’s birthday party so it was non-stop chaos (but well behaved chaos) first thing in the morning.  Busy cooking, cleaning, and sorting through all the left over stuff kept Becky & I moving all morning…  <Side note:  pretty sure the lost and found website I’d like to start would be a hit with parents after sleepover parties:;

After that the day took a turn for the other extreme.  After church we chilled out, grabbed some coffee, ate an easy lunch and then took a nice long nap.  How awesomely relaxing is that? 

As a rapid change of pace Gavin launched himself on me and we had an epic 30+ minute wrestling match in the living room complete with Gavin jumping off of the coffee table and couch onto me!

While the rest of the day was a combination of both – running errands and chillaxin’ on the couch to close up the weekend – the combination of the extremes of chaos and chill made it a great day.


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