Day 336 – Thankful for Getting Crushed By Dominic In a 5K

28 Aug

Today I’m thankful for getting crushed by Dominic in a 5k.

Dominic started ahead of me in the 5K and I didn’t see him until he was cheering for me at the finish line.  He smoked me!  Not only that, but he finished the race in 5th place overall – crazy!!!

Definitely a bittersweet moment today…  Incredibly happy for him kicking butt, humbling because he totally beat me, super proud of him because he also won the T shirt design contest (the T shirts we all got for participating) and a great time with him afterwards.


As you can see, we were both pretty wasted and sweaty!


Getting his medal for his age group


Getting his award & gift card for the T Shirt design contest…  If you look closely at his shirt you’ll see his design.

Overall I’m super thankful for the great race with him.  Not gonna lie, I’m definitely going to be working on beating him in a future 5k, that’s just how this dad rolls!

Special thanks to Becky & Gavin for volunteering with the other scouts to help on the race course!!!


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