Day 335 – Thankful for Dominic

27 Aug

Yup, no suspense today!  Today’s blog is all about the kid who turned me into a dad, Dominic.

It is incredibly rewarding for me to watch to Dominic continue to grow up.  He’s mature beyond his years while maintaining a youthful exuberance and love of life.  I’m so proud of him for so many reasons, it’s tough to try to put them into words.

From the way he cares about his friends and family to his generosity to his incredible ability to shoulder responsibility I am in awe of him.  Throw in his competitive spirit, his willingness to help anyone anytime, his understanding of the importance of practice, his ability to pursue his dreams, his grit, his incredible intelligence (gotta be from Becky!), his passion for reading, awesome imagination, and his love of learning and I couldn’t be more proud!

It is crazy to pause and take a look at just how much he has grown over the years.  Here’s a pic from (almost) every birthday…


His Birthday!  Just a couple of hours old in this picture…


1st Birthday, having fun diving into his birthday cake.


Hot Wheels were all the rage for a little while


2008 – the year of the dinosaur cake(s)!


Chuck E Cheese birthday party for his 4th birthday


Hmm…  Pretty sure this place looks familiar…


The joys of digital pics…  This was the best picture I could find of him from 2011, will have to check the other hard drive.


2012 – Tough to tell, but I think we’re here again!


Cool way to celebrate the day before your birthday, run a race, kick some butt, get a medal!


Whew!  We’ve moved on from Chuck E Cheese…  To Shenanigans!


Welcome to adulthood, birthdays aren’t a good reason to skip soccer practice!


Today for his 11th birthday he went hiking with Becky and the girls.


Happy Birthday FaceTime call with grandparents!

With today being his special day I am so thankful to have him in my life.  Everyday he opens my eyes to new things, sometimes about how to be a better dad, and sometimes how to be a better me.  When I coach and help him I catch myself giving the advice to me.  He brings back many of my childhood memories and always puts a smile on my face.  One of the best parts of my day is tucking him in bed (yup, I still give him a hug every night), telling him I love him, and hearing him say it back.  Is there anything in life better than that?

Happy birthday Dominic!!!


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