Day 333 – Thankful to Be Part of a Team

25 Aug

Today I am thankful to be part of a team.

Becky left to work in the field to do some research early Monday morning and won’t be back until tomorrow late afternoon.  That’s left me as Mr. Mom for the past few days.  Yes, I’ve been home alone with the boys for more than a few days before, but it is always a great reminder for me.

Over the past few days my life has consisted of waking up early, getting the boys up and ready, driving the boys to two separate locations in La Crosse for drop off at either Summer Care or Cub Scout camp.  From there I haul my butt as quickly as I can to get to work on time.  After working for the day, I take off in almost a dead sprint to pick up Gavin from Cub Scouts at 5:05, but then the bus doesn’t arrive until 5:25…  Then grab Gavin, head out to pick up Dominic.  Load up Dominic, drive to drop Dominic off at soccer.  Head home with Gavin for a little while, cook supper and get stuff done around the house.  Drive to pick up Dominic, get home about 8, spend some time with the boys, put them to bed.  This usually leaves me just enough time to finish stuff around the house and get my work done that I wasn’t able to get done on a slightly shorter work day.  Write my blog, crash for 5 minutes, head to bed…  Repeat.


It’s not the craziest schedule ever, but it’s helped me remember just how much I appreciate being a part of a team to keep the house running, the boys having fun, and being a family.  I don’t know just how long I could keep up this pace if I didn’t ave an awesome teammate alongside of me and helping get everything done (she usually pulls more than 50% of the weight!).

Chunks of time like this remind me of how incredibly fortunate I am to have an awesome wife, great mom to my boys, wonderful teammate in the crazy race of life, and a best friend here with me most of the time!


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