Day 330 – Thankful for Gavin!

21 Aug
Day 330 – Thankful for Gavin!

Today I’m thankful for Gavin!.

Nope, that’s not a typo.  If I could go back 8 years ago to the day Gavin was born his name would’ve ended with an exclamation point.  Gavin! Kenneth Kreiling.  That’s about as fitting of a name as this kid could possibly have.

Eight years ago today he can into this world like a fireball and has continued to have the same energy ever since.  What else would you expect from a redhead who mooned the world when he was born (seriously, his butt was the first thing any of us ever saw of him!)?  He and I were talking earlier in the week and I told him that his superpower is the ability to make people happy, smile and laugh.  His response, “Can I shoot lightning bolts of happiness out of my hands???”

As I’ve mulled over all the ways I could write this today I eventually realized the only way to show why I’m thankful for my bestest buddy was to share my appreciation for him using pics of the crazy goofball in action.  Here’s the reasons I’m thankful for Gavin! today:

Yup, he has a magical ability to make people smile, even when he’s not trying. Here he was trying to show me the cut on his finger and I was rolling with laughter!

Once in a while he even calms down and focuses on one thing. You may say he’s relaxing, but we know better. He’s recharging!

Mini golfing has never been played as quickly as when Gavin! is playing.

Is there a haircut more fitting for this kid than a blue faux-hawk?

Hangin’ with his buddy Jake

Zombie Gavin! staring down his chicken strips

He’s always finding new hobbies to keep him entertained.

Gotta love this when you haven’t seen the little bugger for a few days!

Gavin! always makes sure you have someone to have a treat with

This was one of my favorite nights with Gavin! – half pie for each of us night!

If you didn’t see the vide o of his explanation of this picture it is well worth going back in the blog to watch.

First communion

After starting his first fire with a flint

Creating his own card game

Trouble… Pure trouble…

He loves hiking

Hatching his plans of world domination

We’re still not sure where he came up woth this face, but we usually need to take at least 30 pics to get a good one as he’s making this face in the other 29!

Pure Gavin! insanity!

He sure can clean up well!

My early morning running and biking buddy

Just lost his first two teeth

His first triathalon

Gotta love that smile!

Yup, Gavin! goes whenever, wherever!

Even halfway awake Gavin! cracks me up!

Flying high at scout camp

Making our epic snow fort

He’s always smiling, even in bed.

Sitting on top of the world

At Logger field

The smile on Gavin’s face makes me think he is scheming something pretty fun for Nixon…

This kid is always hamming it up for the camera!

Eight years ago our lives changed tremendously, I’m thankful I got my bestest buddy Gavin! (aka Rufus) out of the deal!


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