Day 329 – Thankful for the Guy at Church Who Always Reminds Me of My Dad

21 Aug

Today I am thankful for the guy at church who reminds me of my dad.

You go to the same place almost weekly for about a decade and change and you start to notice some of the same people.  There’s a handful of regulars that sit in about the same area that we sit each week.  It’s kind of funny, I don’t know all their names, but I can recognize many of them.  Tonight at church one of them really stuck out to me and made me smile, just like he normally does.

As you probably guessed by now, he totally reminds me of my dad.  Very similar facial features, about the same age (maybe a few years younger), and has a handful of similar mannerisms.  He’s always very nice, quick to smile, and the person I immediately made eye contact with and laughed with when our priest mentioned that the Packer game would be played on TV at the church picnic in a few weeks.  The guy is always smiling and seemingly always in a great mood.

He has two sons who’ve grown and moved out since we’ve gone to church together.  When they were younger I would chuckle to myself and enjoy watching him horse around with his boys.  It was very easy to how much he loved them and how much they loved him.  He doesn’t know this, but I catch myself thinking of him with his boys when I goof off with mine now.  It makes me chuckle because I’m pretty sure there’ve been a few times when he’s seen me with Dominic and Gavin and smiled at our interactions.

At church tonight I realized just how awesome it is to have those little reminders of our loved ones, especially when we see them in others.  While I don’t see my dad every weekend, seeing the guy who reminds me of my dad always makes me think of my dad, reminds me of how I want to be as a dad, and that makes me smile.  I don’t even know his name, but seeing him each week makes me a happy guy and a better dad!


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