Day 327 – Thankful that My Boys Were Happy I Was Home

18 Aug

Today I’m thankful that my boys were happy I was home.

I’m sure they’re probably happy I’m home everyday at some level, but today was one of those days I could tell they really missed me.

Dominic was playing cello so he was downstairs for the first 15-20 minutes I was home.  Gavin was happily interrupted from making his sandwich and was climbing all over me as I went to change out of my work clothes.  After changing we wrestled around for a while, pausing to finish making his lunch (thanks to Becky for remembering!).  Back to the couch and more wrestling around and lots of giggling.  Just as we were about to wrap it up Dominic jumped into the mix and it was a three-for-all!  More wrestling, tickling and giggling until Becky told us it was supper time.  Of course, there were a couple more quick jabs and whatnot on out way to the kitchen.

Both the boys were happy to see me and we had a blast fooling around.  Nothing quite like playing around and having a great time to relieve the stress from the day!  


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