Day 326 – Thankful for a Beautiful Drive to Work

17 Aug

Today I am thankful for a beautiful drive to work.

As I ‘m getting ready in the morning my mind starts to focus in on work as soon as I step in the shower.  I know, it’s pretty weird, but for some reason that’s when my brain starts to focus on what’s on tap for the day ahead.  As I continue to get ready Becky will often give me a hard time about going into “work mode” as I have a tough time focusing on anything outside of work.  I’d bet that 75% of the things she tells me that I forget that she tells me usually happen during this time.  Probably even more than that happen on the days that I’m taking the boys in to summer care before heading to work!

My drive to Winona starts through our neighborhood and I’m still thinking work.  I may have some calls to make, other things to think over, or an audiobook to read, but at some point between 3 and 7 miles from my house.  Something pretty cool happens in about the same place almost every single day…

This isn’t on the drive, but it pretty close… just imagine this with more bluffs, islands, and way bigger!

I’ll take a look to my right and see the Mississippi River on my right.  The sun may already be up, may still be below the bluffs, or right in the middle of rising to set off the view.  There’s islands and sandbars, herons and eagles, an occasional barge, or maybe an early morning fisherman in his boat.  Sometimes theres a haze, sometimes thick fog, some clouds, low clouds, storm clouds, or no clouds.  The sky may be dark with just a hint of the new sunrise on the horizon, it may be the glowing red or pink or orange as the sun pops up through its various stages, it may be dark sky blue, regardless, it catches my attention.  The bluffs are beautiful from miles away, and are always a welcome sight, whether green with leaves, brown and orange and red of the autumn, covered in snow, or my personal favorite, covered in hoar frost.  The river is always different depending on the light, the wind, the clouds, and the time of day, but everyday it is amazingly beautiful and still the same though it may be ice covered.  I take it all in, take a deep breath, and give thanks for being able to experience it almost every weekday.  It reminds me to take a moment to enjoy the beauty around me, to be present in the moment, to be thankful for every opportunity that I have to see this.

Don’t worry, I pulled over tonight on my way home to take this pic of Perrot

As I head up river my brain will start to turn back to work, occasionally drifting back to the river and the bluffs… Especially near Trempleau and Perrot State Park.  Once I see Sugar Loaf I know it’s time to re-focus and get back to thinking of work.  As I do this I’m always much more relaxed and calm.  Whatever the high stress issue was, it doesn’t seem nearly as rough.  As the day goes on and I need to take a deep breath I just think of that view and all is right in world…  Similar to the way I think of laying on the rock at Longs.

Many people would get tired of a 30 minute drive to work, others would be happy to only drive 30 minutes.  Personally, I can’t (or don’t want to) imagine a daily commute on anything but a beautiful drive like this that helps me get ready for my work day as well as relax on my way home.  I’m very thankful for my beautiful drive to work!


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