Day 324 – Thankful for Running with Skywalker

16 Aug

Today I’m thankful for running with Skywalker.

Man, oh man, there’s a lot to clarify & get straight on this one up front.  If you don’t know, Skywalker is our boxer.  Yes, she’s named after Star Wars.  Becky is a huge fan.  Seriously.  Also, I do enjoy running with LuLu just as much, but their two very different personalities come out while running.  Lastly, Skywalker is way cooler when she’s running, especially off leash.  When she hasn’t run for a few days she’s absolutely depressed and would probably be a raging alcoholic if she had opposable thumbs.  Whew!!!  No that we have all of that out of the way…

Today Becky and I were out for our run and we took the girls out with us.  As we get going we’ll occasionally take off their leash and let them run wild.  It’s during these times that I’m thankful to be running with Skywalker.

Lulu usually puts her nose down and is analyzing every smell.  She’s tracking things down, rolling in God only knows what, and is definitely thinking the whole time.  She’s focused on where her nose takes her and only runs to catch back up to us or Skywalker.

Skywalker is very much the opposite.  She runs for the sake of running and enjoying the feel of running.  She bounces with an extra spring in her step, always with an incredibly large full on puppy smile that is contagious.  While she’s running she doesn’t care where she’s going, and will occasionally crash into things because she’s not paying attention.  Skywalker runs with reckless abandon, only stopping when she literally over heats herself from running too hard.  She’s running and loving life, and loving life simply because she’s running.

While sometimes I’m more like Lulu and other times I’m more like Skywalker, running with her always reminds me that I should be enjoying life and smiling all the time – especially when running.  Skywalker reminds me of just how contagious a smile can be.  

There are many times that Skywalker drives me nuts or flat out disgusts me (seriously Sky, must you eat your own poop?  Gross!!!), but running with her always makes me smile…  even though her breath stinks like poo. 💩


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