Day 323 – Thankful for Impromptu Side Trips

14 Aug

Today I’m thankful for impromptu side trips.

After waking up in the hotel, hitting breakfast and the pool we decided that instead of heading home after checking out we’d chill in Madison for a while.  Seeing as we were already here and Gavin wanted to see the Wisconsin Capitol we headed towards the lake in Madison.

It was pretty cool, we had no idea that the building would be open.  We were able to walk right in and see almost everything (a couple of rooms and the observation deck were closed).  Wandering through each floor we took some time to enjoy checking out all the cool stuff.  Of course, we rubbed the badger’s nose for good luck!

After cruising through the capital we wandered Madison for a little while and wrapped up the tour on Monona Terrace.

Seeing as we were already on the way past we buzzed in to Mac’s in the Dells for some pretty hardcore Mac & Cheese.

Not bad for a day that was only initially going to include the pool, driving home, and chilling!  It’s always fun to take advantage of the moment and make some impromptu trips.


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