Day 322 – Thankful for an Awesomely Fun Wedding Reception

14 Aug

Today I’m thankful for an awesomely fun wedding reception.

Congrats to Jake and Emily (our adopted college students through church)!!!  Their wedding was awesome, included one of our favorite past priests from La Crosse, and enjoyed a great reception afterwards.

At the beginning of the reception I was a little nervous, Gavin was in full on high energy mode and we were sitting with a family we didn’t know.  At first I was a little overly nervous and was trying to keep in in line and then I realized that he was still being good so I may as well embrace his full Gavin-ness – the same energy that other people were having fun watching.

Here’s some of the highlights from the night:

  • Gavin had the entire restroom laughing when he was asking why they were called “urinal cakes” if you can’t eat them.  
  • One of the people at our table didn’t get served food right away so we told the boys it was polite to make sure we waited until everyone was served.  As he waited very patiently he eventually got into a staring contest with his food… 
  • Dominic learned what happens when you drink 4 root beers and 3 glasses of water.  You don’t own them, you just rent them…
  • We got to meet Jake’s parents and they were just as awesome as he is!
  • Dominic decided to make sure each piece of potato had a equal chunk of butter melting on them…
  • Gavin hit a full on food coma after the fantastic dessert buffet!
  • You never know who you’ll run into at the bar!
  • We were pretty pumped to get some great pics with the newly weds! (Though we’re not sure what Gavin was looking at!)

Congrats again to Jake and Emily!!!  May each of your tomorrows together be better each day!


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