Day 319 – Thankful for Super Mom 

11 Aug

Today I’m thankful for Super Mom.

When the dreaded mass email comes out or group discussion moves towards asking for a volunteer to lead something I usually either cringe, look down at my feet, pretend not to hear it, or flat out say “nope.”  I’m incredibly thankful for the poor soul who steps up to take on the challenge so the rest of us don’t have to. 

That’s why I’m thankful for Super Mom today.  Even though she works more than full time in a professional position, is an incredibly involved mom, is a PhD student, and an avid exerciser she still is the one who volunteers to help out with pretty much everything!  While it’d be very easy for her to let someone else take on the responsibility she accepts it with open arms.  She’s currently on our church’s school age education committee, the treasurer for Cub Scouts (& assistant Den Leader), and now she’s also the parent rep for Dominic’s soccer team.  Over the past week she’s built budgets, organized tournament schedules, wrangled up forms, and sent out countless emails. 

Today I tagged in for her for a couple of minutes at our parent meeting for soccer and it reminded me of all the work she’s done.  It was also pretty cool that the coach said what a great job she was already doing and then she got a standing ovation from the other parents.     That applause reminded me of all the work she’s been putting in to help out with soccer and all of her other volunteer endeavors.  I’m very thankful for Super Mom specifically, as well as all of the other parents who spend countless hours volunteering to help out their kids’ adventures and interests.


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