Day 318 – Thankful for Thankful People

10 Aug

Today I’m thankful for thankful people!

Nope, I’m not thanking myself, I’m thanking people who are genuinely thankful almost all the time.  Today’s gratitude was sparked by a comment from Nick “The Yoga Dude” (my nickname for him, pretty sure that it’s not on his business card).  Nick’s birthday is today and he shared a story from this weekend when a friend asked him why he was always smiling.  His answer was based on being thankful for what he has.  He focuses on being grateful as much as he can for all he can.

That’s when it hit me.  Most of the people I’ve talked with over the past couple of days who seemed the happiest are all very thankful people.  Of course I don’t ones going on in their heads, but based on their attitudes and choice of words I’m pretty sure they are very grateful people.  

In particular my thoughts go to one of our team members who we interviewed for a potential new position on our team today.  She not only always says thank you for opportunities, but she shows her gratitude in many ways.  Every day she busts her butt in her current role, and then does a little extra to help her grow towards her next career step.  We had a conversation a while back about what it takes to grow within our business and I gave her some ideas, some of which were outside of her comfort zone.  Since that conversation it’s been fun watching her push herself to step outside of the norm to grow.  She’s very motivated, willing to grow and is incredibly thankful for the opportunity.  She’s taking on more than requested of her to push herself, and she’s smiling the whole way.  All of that leads to a person that I will be happy to coach and help grow. 

All in all, it’s kind of funny how so much of our happiness is totally under our own control.  We can choose to be thankful or we can choose to be frustrated and wanting.  As I’ve been working with Gavin on lately, happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want.  Thankfulness is at the root of that concept.

Over the past 300+ days I’ve noticed my personal happiness increasing.  Taking a few minutes to think about what I’m thankful for has helped tremendously, now I need to focus myself on being thankful more than just once a day.  It’ll be a tough challenge, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to work on it!


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