Day 315 – Thankful for Getting Back to Reality (Kinda)

07 Aug

Today I’m thankful for getting back to reality (kinda).

Vacation is over, back to reality…  Kinda.  While Becky and I are home, the boys are still up north with grandparents for the next  week.

Getting back to kinda reality this afternoon was pretty awesome.  It started with a 10-15 minute shower to wash off the grime of a road trip that included only 2 showers over 5 days.  After that was some snuggling with Becky on the couch and looking at photos of the trip.  Then we picked up sushi and watched some Big Bang Theory.  Next up we took the dogs out for a hike through the quarry for a couple of miles.  To close up the night we’re chilling on the couch watching more Big Bang Theory and then off to bed for a good 9+ hours of sleep.  How cool of a back to reality is that?

Vacations are great, getting back to reality (kinda) is pretty awesome too!


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