Day 312 – Thankful for Going Up the Next Hill

05 Aug

Today I’m thankful for going up the next hill.

We did a nice long hike today to help get acclimated.  It was a nice 11-ish mile hike going up to Andrews Glacier.  The views were amazing, the glacier huge, the water beatifully green blue.  And to think we almost didn’t see it.

As we were heading out we missed a turn for our trail and had to back track aways.  This mistake, mixed with getting used to hiking in this area made it tough for us to know how far we’d gone.  We kept ascending and ran into this beautiful spot…

It was a large patch of ice that we incorrect assumed was our glacier.  We chilled out for a while to enjoy the view, and then I scampered up aways to get a shot of the guys for perspective.

Steve kept thinking that something was off so he headed up the hill past me and continued on to find this about 200+ feet above where we were…

As we got closer we saw this..

As we hung out there Steve shared the story of his crazy hiking experience on top of the ridge above the glacier and gave us the play by play using the landmarks.  

And to think, we almost missed it.  We almost turned back before the payoff.  How many times in life have I missed the beautiful rewarding view at the end that I’ve worked hard for because I turned back early?  When should I have persevered, but instead called it good enough?  When should I have been grittier?

All I know is that today we didn’t, today we kept going until the payoff.



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