Day 311 – Thankful for Making the Best of a Setback

02 Aug

Today I’m thankful for making the best of a setback.

Sometimes everything doesn’t go quite to script and we need to improvise.  My thought was that this post was going to be about being back in the mountains and hiking.  The feeling of being in an awesomely scenic place.  As you’ve already read, this is not the case (though who knows, you may see that one soon 😉).

This morning we hit a small hiccup and are spending the afternoon in Loveland, CO.  It’s always refreshing to be with friends who respond similarly to the unexpected.  We all were chill, stayed upbeat, and found some stuff to keep us busy.  No frustration, disappointment, or anger, we all just took it in stride and made the best of it.  Pretty cool to be hanging out with people with that type of mindset.

We took a stroll through downtown Loveland and ate a pretty awesome lunch.  Nothing like a setback that unexpectedly lands you in a sweet little Cajun restaurant!  Lunch consisted of…

A Southern Sweet Tea Moscow Mule…
A cup of chicken and andouille gumbo with cornbread…

And the coup de grâce, a crab cake poboy…
Had we not changed plans slightly we never would have this great lunch or random downtime to chillax (& type my blog early while I have wifi!).  When life hands you lemons, sometimes you make lemonade… other times you eat like a champ, chill with your friends and enjoy the tangent that life has decided to take you on.


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