Day 306 – Thankful for Struggling to Narrow It Down to One Thing to Be Most Thankful For

29 Jul

Today I am thankful for struggling to narrow it down to one thing to be most thankful for.

It’s kind of nice when it is my blog and my rules.  What I say goes, and I’m glad that it works out this way today!  Why focus on one thing to be grateful for when today was absolutely filled with things to be thankful for?  Instead of narrowing it down to just one I’m going to hit a handful of the highlights.

Early morning hiking at the bluffs with Brian and Steve was an excellent start to the day.  The weather was great, the conversation fun, and the exercise felt wonderful.  Similar to training for the marathon with Becky I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss the training after we get to the top.  Thanks to B for noticing that the flag was putting off a shadow this morning!


This week we have two new franchisees from the St Paul Express Employment Professionals office visiting our Winona location.  They’ve just completed their training and this week gives them the opportunity to try out what they’ve been learning in a safe but very real environment.  It’s been awesome spending time with them, not only sharing some of the cool things we do, but also learning from them.  It’s an even cooler bonus to find out that they are flat out an awesome couple with many common interests.  They’re great people and their enthusiasm and passion for our business have been very infectious!  There’s something magical about the beginner’s mindset!

Yes, there was already a blog post about Situational Leadership (learning to drive on the left side of the road in Australia), but it was definitely near and dear to my heart today.  Between tough conversations to get back in alignment and set a clear path and working through someone’s first time in a specific situation it was incredibly helpful in getting us on the same page and helping me remember what type of leadership and direction they needed for that specific scenario.


The boys crack me up.  How can they go from fighting so much that all I can do to keep from coming completely unhinged is to have them do chores every single time I hear fighting to suddenly giggling, laughing and acting like the best friends in the world.  Those moments are absolute bliss!

I’m thankful for our last family meal at the dining room table as a family for the next couple of weeks.  Between my Colorado trip next week, Becky researching in the field, and the boys hanging out with grandparents for a couple of weeks it will be a while before the four of us get back to the normal that I love and appreciate.  It was nice to take a moment and let it sink in.

It’s crazy to see just how much can get done in a week that is crammed with way too much.  This week had us prepping for camping this weekend, getting the boys ready for being away for two weeks, and me prepping to be out of work for a week.  All that coming off of a weekend in which we didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon.  Absolute insanity and chaos, but several quiet moments to enjoy time with the family (and ice cream).

Lastly, how could I not be thankful for how much the boys love to read?  It’s crazy to think that one of the worst punishments we can levy is to tell them they can’t read for a little while!

As you’ve been reading this you can probably start to see why I’m thankful to be struggling to get it down to one thing to be most thankful for.  The day has been a flurry of activity and non-stop action since 3:30 this morning, and it’s been pretty freaking awesome.  I have a lot to be thankful for today.  Life isn’t just good, it’s pretty damn awesome!


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