Day 305 – Thankful for the Magic of Cardboard, Duct Tape, and Imagination

28 Jul

Today I am thankful for the magic of cardboard, duct tape, and imagination.

As I went downstairs to see what Dominic was up to I couldn’t help but smile as I walked by his latest creation.  He had already moved onto, and was deeply engrossed in, his next project.

While up at my dad’s this weekend the boys were offered some pretty good size pieces of cardboard to take home and make something out of.  As soon as we got home Dominic headed downstairs with his sheets and got to work.  He came up once in a while for supplies – duct tape, scissors, etc…  And that was all we saw of him and his project until he was done.

Then he called for us to come downstairs and this is what we saw…

How cool is that?  No directions, pictures, or diagrams.  He just went from his imagination and built a pretty awesome car out of cardboard and duct tape! 

It is amazing to watch him in his element, creating something.  Sometimes it is something by direction (like the sprinkler) and other times it is from his imagination (like the car and many Lego creations).  Either way I’m always impressed with his ability to take a concept and make it reality.  I can’t wait to see what other incredible things he makes in his life using his awesome imagination and his ability to turn the things in his head into reality.  If he can do things like this with cardboard and tape, just wait until he has more hard core supplies!


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