Day 303 – Thankful for a Perfect End to a Busy Day

26 Jul

Today I’m thankful for a perfect end to a busy day.

Man, I was busy all day long today!  Non-stop from the time Becky and I went for a run at 5am until getting home from soccer and getting some stuff done around the house.  At one point I even played “I’m in a Hurry” by Alabama for Becky!

As I finished watering plants I was all geared up to get other stuff done when Gavin came outside, already in his pajamas, and asked, “Hey Dad, want to sit outside on the steps and eat ice cream with me?”  As the phrase “No, I’ve got shit to do” started coming out of my mouth I was able to cut it off after the first word.  “Bud, that sounds awesome.”  And with that we proceeded to sit out on the back deck, eat ice cream, chillax, and play some games together.  (Dominic had a headache and was already in bed, so it was just Gavin and I).

It was exactly the end of a busy day that I needed.  Set everything aside, be present in the moment with Gavin and just relax.  It’s not often I take the time to chill with Gavvers when he’s in chillin’ mode and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.  He taught me some new games, he hammed it up for a couple of pics, and we did some internet research to find out why it’s called a “poop deck.”  The real world and all of its stresses, tasks and demands all melted away and we just relaxed.  How awesome is that?

Yesterday I mentioned the master appearing when the student was ready.  How crazy is it that today I learned to slow down and relax from the unstoppable force of nature, the non-stop Energizer bunny incarnate… Gavin? Crazy, but I’m very thankful my best-est buddy talked me into being present with him tonight.


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