Day 301 – Thankful for Cousins’ Weddings

24 Jul

Today I am thankful for counsins’ weddings.  I have it mention that today was the first time, after 300 days, that I received a request for today’s blog…  Luckily for Aunt Laura this was going to be the topic all along! 🙂

This weekend’s trip up north was prompted by the wedding of Becky’s cousin Julie.  Congrats Julie & Caleb!  

Are there many family get togethers better than the wedding of a cousin of a spouse?  They’re great!  No stress, no pressure, just a relaxing and fun time with the family.  Fortunately for me Becky has something in the range of 2.7 million cousins.

There are many reasons these events are outstanding, and here are a few of the highlights:

  • Let’s start off with the most obvious…  Free beer.  Do I really need to elaborate?
  • The awesomely fun best man speech from the little brother who explains that the older brother was “a prick” and made his life terrible.  That being said you could tell the best man really does love and appreciate his older brother.
  • Seeing cousins who have babies doing their best to keep the little ones happy reminds me of how thankful I am that we’re at a point that we can leave he boys home alone for short periods of time.
  • It’s always a great time seeing the uncles and horsing around with them.  My personal favorite of this wedding was Uncle Teddy shaking my hand to give the sign of peace and then promptly pulling down very hard and almost causing me to tip right over the pew.  
  • Seeing family members we haven’t seen for a long time is always great.  It gives us a chance to catch up and shoot the bull.
  • Sitting through the wedding ceremony makes me think back to our wedding…  Standing in front over everyone, getting nervous, smiling as I saw Becky for the first time that day…  Pretty awesome memories.
  • Watching the little kids dance like Drunk Mike used to dance back in the day is always entertaining.  Sadly, I have to admit that Gavin and Mason have way better moves than I’ve ever had.
  •  Not gonna lie, this one was even better than normal.  It’s not every day that the groom is a fellow redhead who was referred to as an “angry Ginger” during the best man speech.  Glad to have one more of us good guys in the family!
  • Any event that gives me an excuse to do some slow dancing with Becky is a pretty cool event as far as I’m concerned.

All in all, there’s a lot to be thankful for from weddings.  I’m very thankful to have been at the wedding today!

Congrats again to Julie and Caleb, here’s to many years of happiness and to many years of attending weddings; during which they’re blessed to have many memories rekindled and new memories made.


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