Day 300 – Thankful for Stoney Pub

23 Jul
Day 300 – Thankful for Stoney Pub

Today I am thankful for Stoney Pub.

One of the awesome parts about rolling into Phillips before it gets too late is going out to eat at Stoney Pub.  Nothing says Phillips eating quite like it! 

The hot sauce, cheese and chips are an awesome starter.  The beer is cold, the Old Fashioneds are delicious.  While there are many great things on the menu I need only 3 seconds to decide what I’m going to order…  The huge, cheesy, full of taco goodness enchilada.  It’s pretty awesome how diets of any kind just don’t apply once you walk in the front door.

While the food and drinks would be enough alone to bring me back, it’s the people that make it even more awesome and that make it feel even more like Phillips.  The past few times I’ve been there over the past couple of years Butch and his wife have been sitting in the same place at the bar (last time Butch asked if I was the youngest son, “Nope, I’m the more awesome son.” 😄).  There’s always a random person or two that I haven’t seen in a long time there.  I’m pretty sure if I lived in Phillips it would be a real life “Cheers.”

Best of all, there’s always Bill.  How can you not love shooting bull with the guy?  Always remembers you, big smile and huge handshake as you walk in, he makes you feel like a good friend you haven’t seen in a long time.  I can’t imagine not seeing him there, he’s the face of Stoney Pub.  I’m also very thankful for Cindy.  While I really haven’t ever spent much time with her, she plays a huge role in the experience every single time – thanks for cooking!

As I lay in bed writing this my stomach is still full from eating way too much a few hours ago.  Seriously, the food is too good to stop at a reasonable point!  I can’t help but think that Stoney Pub is one of the iconic places in Phillips that transforms it from a small town to my hometown.  So many meals have been eaten there with many family and friends, I can’t (or don’t want to) imagine not stopping in for a meal at least a couple of times a year and creating more memories.  Thanks Bill and Cindy for helping to welcome me back to my hometown a couple of times a year!


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