Day 299 – Thankful for My Buddy Steve

22 Jul

Today I’m thankful for my buddy Steve.

Today started off extremely early, but extremely awesome!  To get in some hiking miles in prep for our Colorado trip Steve and I met up at the base of Granddad’s Bluff at 3:30 this morning.  Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked to get going and the majority of the reason was to hang out with my friend.  Eight miles later we were still shooting the bull and having a great time.  That really got me thinking about how much I appreciate Steve.  

As opposed to some sappy BS, here are my Top 11 reasons I appreciate Steve:
11)  Steve is a blast to get old with!  I’ve learned more about fist shaking and hollering at neighbor kids from him than anyone else who’s within a decade of my age.

10)  In case of a zombie apocalypse there is one person I know who is more totally prepared than any other friend or family member…  Steve.

9)  While others may enjoy the crazy excitement of Vegas, Steve is just as happy chilling on the couch of the hotel, drinking beer, and watching Thor.

8)  Steve married Kathy, Kathy’s pretty awesome (see Day 243), and the two of them are always fun to hang out with.

7)  Umm…  Who else is crazy enough to meet up at 3:30am for a hike?  Along those lines, he’s also the mastermind behind our trip to Colorado.

6)  Seriously, have you seen the guy’s beard?  If he shaved it off tomorrow it’d be back within 2 hours!

5)  Steve is exactly who you think he is.  He’s straight forward, honest, and is true to himself.  You can always count on him to be him and rep spins the way you’d expect him to respond.  His consistency is pretty cool!

4)  As I started getting in shape a long time ago Steve was an absolutely awesome help.  He helped me understand everything from the impact of different weight training programs to how carbs impact weight loss, to how to keep my energy levels up while doing long distance running.  His knowledge of training, nutrition and supplements are fantastic!

3)  We share a love of Mai Tais…

2)  The number and depth of conversations you can have with Steve is amazing.  He never gets uppity and judgmental, he just gives you his opinions to think over.  This morning we discussed everything from hiking, religion, aliens, drinking, work, and life.

1)  The dude is always there for anyone whenever you need him.  Steve helped out a ton with building my garage and so many other projects.  Whether it is a project of just needing a friend to talk with, he’s the man.  I am very grateful for his willingness to help out  anytime.

Thanks for being an awesome friend Steve!


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