Day 298 – Thankful for Facebook’s “On This Day”

21 Jul

Today I’m thankful for Facebook’s “On This Day” feature.

A year ago today I was getting pumped and excited to head out West on our family vacation…

Three years ago today we completed our 2nd Tough Mudder with Tab and Tanner…

Also three years ago the boys got their first wakeboarding and waterskiing lessons.  That was the day Norm learned to love marshmallows (mainly as a sound suppressor a for Gavin!)…

On this day five years ago I was thankful that the boys were learning the enjoyment of exercising with Becky and I…

It’s really pretty awesome when I think about it.  All of these little moments that I’ll occasionally think about at random times now have another vehicle to bring them to the forefront of my brain.  I smiled and took a few minutes to enjoy each of these memories today, something that wouldn’t have happened without this neat feature.  While I get frustrated about Facebook and social media at times it is things like this that remind me of how positive all this connectivity can be.  Without realizing it, many of us have been journaling and writing our personal history in this medium and will have the reward of re-kindled memories as we continue to live.  Today I’m thankful for this simple app that has bringing a smile to my face many times over the past weeks.


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