Day 296 – Thankful for Finding the “And”

19 Jul

Today I’m thankful for finding the “and.”

Becky had log rolling tonight and I wanted to do some training for my upcoming Longs Peak trip.  I also wanted to spend some time with the boys after being gone much of the weekend.  Instead of sacrificing a hike for time with the boys I found the “and.”  Hiking and boy time!

The sun was hot and the mosquitoes were thick, but we all had a great time!  Between looking at wildlife, tackling each other in the soccer fields, and watching trains it was a lot of fun.  We were all in a great mood when we came home and continued having fun, even if it was cello time for Dominic and dishes time for Gavin and I.  Gavin and I joked around while working and Dominic hopped online, found some sheet music, and started playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. 

I’m sure we would have had fun if we would’ve just stayed home and chilled out, but the sense of accomplishment and working towards one of my goals while having a great time with the boys was pretty awesome.  I’m glad I took time to find the “and!”


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