Day 293 – Thankful for Busting Out a Fast Run First Thing in the Morning

15 Jul

Today I’m thankful for busting out a fast run first thing in the morning.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been using the Maffetone Method for running, keeping my heart rate below 141 while running.  This has has been very slow and frustrating at times as I know I could go faster than what my heart rate monitor is telling me.  It’s been working very well though, and my pace has steadily increased while my resting heart rate has continued to drop (a good thing).  

Now that I’ve built a fairly decent pace I can pick the pace up once a week and today was AWESOME!!!  It felt great to hit the jets and just run.  There’s something awesome about totally stretching the legs out all the way in a full out sprint, lungs burning, heart pounding, legs pumping and a huge smile on the face the whole way.  What an awesome start to the morning!  I totally felt like this guy:

Sky was loving it, I was running fast enough that her full out sprint still had some slack on the leash.  Huge kudos to Becky for putting up with painfully slow runs most of the week and then a full on sprint at the end of today’s run.


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