Day 288 – Thankful for My Friends Getting Older Right Along With Me

11 Jul

Today I’m thankful for my friends getting older right along with me.

Yesterday was the first of two Saturdays dedicated to “Guy Time.”  (Special thanks to Becky for allowing this to work out!).  Last night was with some of my best La Crosse friends and next week is with some of my best Phillips friends.  

As you may have read yesterday we were prepared for a crazy Saturday of acting like idiots while camping.  We had an awesome time, but I noticed a couple of things…

  1. We don’t drink nearly as much as we used to.
  2. By 10:00 most of us were pretty tired and ready for bed.
  3. Instead of crazy stunts like climbing trees we had instructional fun like how to clean a fish.
  4. Looking over the pics from the trip I noticed that instead of crazy escapades and antics it was a collection of nature pics.
  5. The ground has obviously gotten much harder as 75% slept on cots instead on of the ground, and we even had 100% sleeping in a tent!
  6. I think there were at least three different times the tent opened up for a pee break throughout the night.
  7. Usually the fear is that we will run out of beer, this time I was more worried about hurting my back loading an almost full cooler back onto the boat.

The trip was exactly what the doctor ordered, some excellent guy time with good friends, it was just at a little different pace than we’ve had in years past…  And I’m pretty sure we were all totally cool with it.  A bunch of old farts joking around and having a great time.  And yes, there was the obligatory moment of fist shaking and yelling at a boat that was going way too fast at night.  They’ll get someone killed driving like that! 😉

So as I move from one weekend to the next, my friend Rick starts putting together an absolutely fantastic plan for our next Saturday night…  Which ends with the following text:

I literally laughed out loud when I read this!  Another weekend with friends that will be a blast, but probably at a pace that’s a tad bit slower than a couple of decades ago.

While I’m totally cool with getting older I’m very fortunate to have friends who are all going through the same life changes as we move towards (or into) our forties.  I can’t think of better friends to get older right along with me!


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