Day 287 – Thankful for Camping on the Sandbar

09 Jul

Today I’m thankful for camping on the sandbar.

  • 2.5 gallons of flavored water… Check.
  • 4.5 pounds of pre cooked meat and cheese…  Check.
  • 2 bags of Doritos…  Check.
  • 520 ounces of adult beverage…  Check.

All that can only mean one thing – camping on the sandbar!

This morning a few of my friends and I are heading out to the boat for a weekend of being kids again on the sandbar.  Camping, drinking, playing games, and shooting the shit.  Just like every year!  The only difference is that this year we are again a year older…  Pretty sure that means instead of manly acts of strength like several years ago (climbing trees) we’ll be doing more old manly things like shaking our fists at the young whippersnappers who are driving their boats way too fast.  They’ll get someone killed!

Off we go for another all day and overnight adventure!  I’m thankful for being able to head out and be a kid for 24+ hours.


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