Day 286 – Thankful for Starting the Day with a Family Run and Coffee

09 Jul

Today I’m thankful for starting the day with a run and coffee.

Two of my favorite things, and right away in the morning, how could I go wrong???

Dominic had a sleepover, but the remaining 5 of us went for a run / bike ride bright and early this morning.  This time Becky was the photographer.  It was a little muggy, but we still had fun joking as we ran.  Gavin can definitely cruise faster now with gears!

After showering up and dropping off Gavin before 7 at daycare I was able to grab an awesome cup of coffee at Caribou.  The cashier and barista were pretty cool and weren’t quite sure what a Flat White was, but she decided to give it a try.  She totally nailed it & it reminded me of Australia.

Fully caffeinated, I went on to have one of the most productive days of work I’ve had in a long while!

As I’m sitting here on the couch typing this while the boys are watching Twister my head went to many things that I’m thankful for today, but the two that keep putting a smile on my face are my family run and the coffee – great starts to the day!


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