Day 285 – Thankful for Family Vacation Quirks

08 Jul

Today I am thankful for family vacation quirks.

Just yesterday Becky and I met up with our friend John and were discussing how different families are.  I’m pretty sure I won the “In Laws Lottery”, but it does take a little while to get used to the differences between families.  Like I told him, I was already used to my family and their weird little quirks, but the in laws add a whole new set of their own weird little quirks.  All good, just very different to get used to sometimes…

And then last night I’m included in the following Facebook message from Becky’s mom:Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.22.22 PM

I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud when I saw that!  After explaining how different our families’ little idiosyncrasies were I get hit right between the eyes with something that reminded me of our family trip out west as kids…  And our family trip to Florida…  And any trip that involved staying overnight in a hotel…

Not only did my dad do that seemingly every single time, but now I (& I’m pretty sure my brother) still do this when we go to hotels.  I’ll give my dad a pass as staying at Motel 6 with two ungrateful little bastards (as I say lovingly about my brother and I) he probably didn’t really have much by way of entertainment.  Nick and I with our technology, no excuse, we’re just kind of sad like that…

It just cracked me up that shortly after saying how you should be ready for the crazy little differences between families I see a post like this that show our two families have some crazy weird little similarities.  I am also very appreciative for the smiles that came as I remember a couple of times when we actually found other Kreilings in the phonebook!


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