Day 283 – Thankful for a Home Cooked Meal

05 Jul

Today I’m thankful for…  Yes, I’ll have more ranch potatoes from fresh off the grill…  A home cooked meal.

How many days does something so awesome completely get taken for granted?  Of course I always appreciate a home cooked meal, but I should be more thankful for it more often.

My life is pretty awesome.  Many nights I come home from work and there’s a delicious hot dinner ready for the family and I.  While to me it seems to magically appear the nights when Becky is home I know it takes planning and work to have it ready.  I know this to be true because when it’s my turn, even though I like cooking, it can be a real pain in the ass.

In order to have that meal ready to go I need to have planned in advance and picked up the necessary ingredients.  If that doesn’t happen I’m usually scrambling and making decisions based on whatever we have hiding in the cabinets and fridge.  There’s usually some prep work that has to be done in advance.  If I forget to do it I’m usually changing the meal or having to push it back to late or I give up and order pizza.  Then there’s the whole taking time to make it after a busy day of work when all I really want to do is go brain dead for 15 minutes…  But if I do that there’s no chance the meal will be cooked on time.  All of this needs to happen, and Becky does it with a smile.  When I do it I usually whine, get frustrated, or punt.

So tonight I’m very thankful for a very regular occurrence that can easily fly below the radar on most nights as we go from busy life event to busy life event.  I’m very thankful and lucky to have a home cooked meal most nights.

This was not the meal that Becky cooked tonight…  I realized I was thankful for the meal after it was devoured and this was a pic that captured the meal, Becky, and a little bit of humor.


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